The Islamic Banker (Management Trainee)

Be One of The Future Leaders in Islamic Banking

The Islamic Banker is a two-year management trainee programme aimed at developing Future Leaders in Islamic Banking. It is specially designed to provide you with a strategic platform to jump-start your career in the Islamic Banking industry.

Over the course of 24 months on-the-job training, you will undergo a structured development plan – comprising job rotations across Key Business Units, mentoring from senior management leaders, and Leadership and Personal Effectiveness training conducted by the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre. There will also be exposures to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assignments anchored by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Simultaneously, during this two-year management trainee programme, Bank Rakyat will sponsor you to undertake a professional certification course and examination conducted by the Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professional (CIIF) – passing of which, is a prerequisite for your assured and continuous employment with the Bank.

The Journey

Al Muassasah (Foundation-Building)

For the first two months, you will undergo intensive foundation-building courses in Islamic Banking, Leadership and Personal Effective Skills. Your training sessions will be reinforced with real-life case studies, group projects and field visits, where you are expected to develop skills in problem-solving, critical-thinking and decision-making.

Al Khibrat fi al-Aemal (Business Experience)

For the subsequent 10 months, you will undergo job rotations at five different key business and functional units. You are expected to experience and develop a profound understanding of the Bank’s operations and build a strong network across sectors.

Al Tawzif (Career Assignment)

At the end of the job rotations, you will hold an executive position at a business or functional unit, based on your strengths, preference and the Bank’s requirements.

Upon completion of The Islamic Banker management trainee programme, you will be given the opportunity to choose the business or functional unit based on your career aspiration, albeit aligned to the Bank’s business requirements.


  1. Graduate in Degree and/or Master Degree with minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent from a reputable university in business related disciplines (not exclusive): Muamalat, Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or in relevant courses. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.
  2. Possesses leadership qualities and a strong team player.
  3. Age 26 years and below and less than 2 years working experience.
  4. Strong analytical thinking and good business acumen.
  5. Conscientious.
  6. Innovative and creative.
  7. Active involvement in extra co-curricular activities.
  8. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

How to apply?

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The Islamic Banker FAQs

Student- BR Islamic Banking Internship Program (Internship)

The Bank has been an active proponent of student internship placement as one of our core pillars for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The Bank continuously provides a conducive and practical platform where students can further develop their people and technical capabilities by way of on-the-job experiential learning. To be part of the journey, candidates who are enrolled in business-related programmes at recognised public and private tertiary institutions are required to meet specific qualitative and quantitative criteria. This is to ensure the interns can further optimise their potential by deriving maximum exposure during their stints with the Bank.

Details of the program

  • Open to Malaysia Citizen
  • Bachelor/Diploma in Banking or/and study related to Banking with CGPA 3.0

How to apply?

Please register at our career webpage:

Corporate Career

Bank Rakyat is the largest Islamic Cooperative Bank in Malaysia and is a world-class Islamic institution. We are constantly expanding and are looking for talented individuals seeking a promising career to be part of our dynamic award-wining team. If you are an experienced professional or fresh graduate with the right attitude, energetic team spirit, highly motivated, creative, and have the passion to excel, come and join us. Take the first step onto the path of a successful career.

How to apply?

Please register at our career webpage: